Property Management

Administrative, legal, technical or interior design consultant, satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

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Nadia Gharnougui - Majestic Villa Services

Lucky owners of a second home in the Saint-Tropez area

If you are seeking a reliable way to manage your property and enjoy it with full peace of mind, our property management contracts offer bespoke solutions.
We offer the following services as part of a year round contract :


  • Keyholding
  • Regular check up visits
  • Airing the house and running water
  • Pick up, process or forward your mail
  • Check the alarm system
  • Check all openings against burglaries
  • Pest control
  • Detect electrical problems
  • Check for water damage
  • Check all main appliances work correctly (air con, heating, boilers, household appliances, internet connection).
  • Manage gardening and pool care
  • Other services upon request


  • Receive your deliveries
  • Obtain quotes for projects and repairs
  • Manage renovations or repairs
  • On site presence when subcontractors need to access the property
  • Availability for real estate visits
  • Organise regular maintenance of air conditioning systems, boilers etc
  • Organise the maintenance of your vehicles